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Categories of small format offset press in China small format offset press can be divided into four categories: desktop small offset press, monochrome light small offset press, multi-functional small offset press and heavy commercial small offset press

small desktop offset printing machine: small desktop offset printing machine is a small desktop offset printing machine with simple structure, low performance and no strict requirements on print quality. The main purpose of the initial design was office supplies. In foreign countries, desktop offset printing machines have been almost eliminated. Only China Eastern Airlines of Japan is still producing and providing a small number of desktop offset printing machines to Southeast Asia. At present, at least 8 enterprises in China are still producing desktop offset printing machines. It can be seen from the market analysis that the 868 series products of Sanxin company of Yingkou Guanhua group, which prevent rats from entering the indoor with dense lines, are the best products among the domestic desktop small offset printers in terms of technical level, quality stability and performance price ratio

monochrome light-duty small offset press: monochrome light-duty small offset press is a small offset press with relatively simple structure, but high print quality, good quality performance, high speed, simple and practical operation. The original design is for high-grade office light printing, and some customers are used for short version fast monochrome and can maintain these good mechanical properties in a wide temperature range; Commercial printing of. In foreign countries, only a few manufacturers, such as Liangming, Hamada, China Eastern Airlines in Japan and albody in the United States, are still producing light monochrome small offset printing machines. There are only a few manufacturers and products that produce light monochrome Offset printing machines in China. The YK series project team of Yingkou Guanhua discussed whether to use thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics for production, and still maintained a large number of production, and has always occupied an absolute advantage. So far, Yingkou Guanhua 1800 offset press has put more than 20000 sets on the market

multi functional small offset press: Based on the light monochrome small offset press, the multi-functional small offset press has expanded its functions according to the needs of the printing market. For example, adding a belt rule to cross the bridge to realize the function of chromatic printing, adding a two-color head to realize the function of two-color printing, and adding a number printing unit to realize the functions of number printing (straight, horizontal), hole pressing line (straight, horizontal), resin printing, cutting, etc. it can not only realize high-quality and fast monochrome printing, It can also meet the multi-functional needs of users. The multi-function printing machine is generally used in the field of short edition fast commercial printing. In foreign countries, multi-functional small offset printing machines have also been classified into the category of light monochrome machines. At present, almost all existing small format offset printing machine manufacturers are producing such equipment, among which the most famous are Liangming company and Hamada company of Japan. In the heyday of the development of multi-functional small offset printing machines in China, most of the more than 30 small offset printing machine manufacturers have participated in the competition for the multi-functional small offset printing machine market, which is a competition in the printing machine industry in China. 4. do not "zero" the load value after clamping the sample. At present, in the domestic market, the famous manufacturers producing multi-functional small offset printing machines include Weihai Bintian, Yingkou Guanhua, Weihai printing machine, Weifang Huaguang, Beijing second printing machine and Beijing Duoyuan. These five enterprises occupy 80% of the domestic multi-functional small offset printing machine market. Among them, Weihai Bintian's wh47 series products and Yingkou Guanhua's yk4700 series products are the best in many domestic multi-functional small offset printing machines in terms of technical level, quality stability and performance price ratio

heavy duty commercial small offset printing machine: the heavy duty commercial small offset printing machine is a small format printing machine for pure commercial use. It has the structural characteristics of a large printing machine. It adopts the Feida paper feeding structure of continuous paper supply. In particular, the paper transmission structure adopts the paper delivery tooth row transmission. It has high printing speed, good print quality, and meets the needs of users' multiple functions. It is the most ideal equipment for rapid commercial short version printing. At present, only Heidelberg, ryomoto, Hamada, Shinohara, rota and Adast in the Czech Republic in the world produce small format heavy offset printing machines. Heavy duty small format offset press itself is a kind of high-grade printing press. There are not many manufacturers producing such high-grade heavy-duty printing machines in China. Yingkou Guanhua yk5200 is a commercial heavy-duty small format printing machine, which is also a multi-functional small offset printing machine. To be sure, yk5200 is the highest grade small offset press in terms of technical quality and stability of domestic small offset press at present

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