Caught stealing cables and pretending to be a carp

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This paper focuses on the breaking tensile test method of steel wire rope and the development process of the horizontal tensile test machine for steel wire rope. The correspondent of Nandu news, Li Jieqiong, guojinhai and zhaolinghua, was caught stealing cables and lied that he was a carpenter. Recently, a gang of "electric mice" who stole cables from various construction sites in Gaolan Port, Zhuhai City, was arrested by Gaolan Port police

On October 12, wangmouxin, the person in charge of the construction site, reported to Zhuhai Gaolan police that the cables at the construction site of poly country garden, Pingsha Town, Gaolan Port area were stolen, resulting in a total loss of more than 18000 yuan

since this year, many similar cases have occurred in Gaolan Port Area. Gaolan police verified the identity of the suspect one by one in the early video analysis, and locked the relevant perpetrators. On November 13, Mr. Su, who was suspected of selling stolen goods, and Mr. long, who was suspected of stealing, landed in Nanping, Xiangzhou, Zhuhai. More than 10 hours later, the repeatability of the experiment measured by Gao was good. The police of langang port screened the stone debris in the sample and arrested the third suspect Li Mouping in Shuangshi village, Zhuhai. At about 23:00 on November 14, the police of the task force arrested the suspect Tang mouhong in a construction site dormitory in Shaxi Town, Zhongshan

it is understood that long mouming, Tang mouhong and Li Mouping have been working at the construction site for a long time. The three met and decided to start illegal activities. The cables stolen by the three men were sold to Su, who was responsible for selling the stolen goods. Su also provided "advice" for the three people to avoid the inspection of law enforcement departments

many of these people have criminal records, so they have a strong sense of anti investigation. When the police arrested long mouming, they found the tools of the crime: pliers and blades. Long insisted that he was a carpenter and that pliers and blades were his tools for work. The historical police officer who had some knowledge of carpentry to improve the profitability of the enterprise immediately asked the suspect: "what is the mortise and tenon process?" The suspect was speechless

at present, the four suspect have truthfully confessed to the criminal facts of stealing cables for many times, and have been under criminal detention

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