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Caterpillar China remanufacturing business promotes sustainable development caterpillar China remanufacturing business promotes sustainable development China Construction Machinery Information Guide: Caterpillar) recently announced in Suzhou with Guangxi Yuchai that the joint venture Yuchai remanufacturing industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. of the two sides has opened in Suzhou, which is caterpillar's second remanufacturing plant in China, It is also the third factory in the Asia Pacific region. Subsequently, caterpillar announced in Shanghai that the card

the boards mentioned here do not refer to the boards of computers. Caterpillar and Guangxi Yuchai recently announced that the joint venture Yuchai remanufacturing industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. of the two sides was opened in Suzhou, which is caterpillar's second remanufacturing plant put into operation in China and its third plant in the Asia Pacific region. Subsequently, caterpillar announced in Shanghai that the No. 2 workshop of caterpillar remanufacturing industry (Shanghai) plant was put into use, marking the doubling of the scale of Caterpillar's first remanufacturing plant in China in 2005. This is another leap in Caterpillar's remanufacturing business since it entered China

in April, 2010, Yuchai remanufacture industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was jointly established by caterpillar (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and China Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., mainly providing remanufacture services for Yuchai engines and engine parts. Caterpillar's wholly-owned Shanghai remanufacturing plant is mainly engaged in the remanufacture of engine parts such as water pumps, oil pumps, cylinder heads and connecting rods. At present, the Shanghai remanufacturing plant with expanded capacity can carry out the remanufacture of fuel injection nozzles. As one of the most important parts of the engine, the fuel injector can control the fuel supply and injection time, which plays an important role in whether the exhaust gas can meet the environmental standards. Remanufacturing fuel injection nozzles is a business with very complex processes. Caterpillar has introduced this latest remanufacturing technology to the Shanghai plant, which can provide more value to customers

as the world's largest manufacturer of construction machinery and mining equipment, caterpillar has a history of more than 40 years in the remanufacture field. Caterpillar remanufacturing (Shanghai) service company is the first wholly foreign-owned company to obtain a remanufacture license in China, and was approved as a remanufacture pilot enterprise by the Ministry of industry and information technology in December 2009

"remanufacturing not only provides customers with more choices for repairing, replacing and upgrading equipment, but also can produce great economic and environmental benefits as a business. Countries all over the world are aware of this." Greg folley, global vice president of Caterpillar's remanufacture and parts division, said. "Remanufacturing service is an important part of Caterpillar's business model, which can ensure that caterpillar customers have the lowest purchase and use costs in the product life cycle."

taking the cylinder head as an example, the research data of the University of Michigan in the United States show that the remanufactured cylinder head can reduce the weight and measure the greenhouse gas emission of 61% of the top of the test piece at the distance between the marks (L1), reduce the water consumption by 86%, reduce the energy consumption by 85%, and improve the production safety by 82% in the remanufacturing process

since 2005, the Chinese government has issued a series of documents and preferential policies on the development of circular economy and remanufacturing industry. Remanufacturing industry has changed from a national restricted industry to a national encouraged industry, and has also been listed as a key industry in the 12th Five Year Plan

although remanufacture has become the general trend of China's development. However, compared with the mature remanufacturing industry in foreign countries, China's remanufacturing industry is still an emerging industry, which is still in its infancy. The lack of experience and the imperfection of specific regulatory system make the development of remanufacture industry in China face some prominent problems: remanufacture as a new concept has not been widely recognized by consumers and society; The source of remanufactured cores and the sales channel of remanufactured products are not smooth enough; Remanufacturing technology and management level are not high, and product quality is mixed; Core recycling management and other relevant laws and regulations need to be revised, relevant management systems need to be improved, and technical standards are not perfect; Lack of policy incentives, etc

"it should be clearly stated that remanufactured products are not used second-hand equipment, and can be completely comparable to the quality of new products. At present, some countries believe that remanufactured products are used, and there are some restrictions on trade policies." Greg folley said

lizhengyu, general manager of caterpillar global mining, an enterprise with high dependence on product export and reproduction in the Asia Pacific region, added, "For remanufacturing, the global circulation of core parts and remanufactured finished products is very important. The government's strong support for core recycling, especially the subsidy policy in the circulation link, can effectively promote the recycling of core parts and the formation of consumer habits, and promote the development of circular economy."

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