Caterpillar ranked 181 in the world's top 500 list

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On the evening of July 7, 2014, 24 pre shipment inspection institutions completed pre shipment inspection of 337900 batches and 52.7978 million tons. Wal Mart, the largest retailer, returned to the top of the list and shell ranked second, Sinopec replaced ExxonMobil in the third place, and the number of Listed Companies in China reached a record 100

China Construction Machinery Trade noted that caterpillar, the global construction machinery industry giant, was ranked 181st with an operating income of US $55.656 billion. It is also the only one of the top 500 enterprises to list with construction machinery as its main business. However, its ranking is not small compared with the 136th in 2013

among other enterprises related to construction machinery, Japan's rich market return is due to its excellent product technology. Hitachi ranks 78th, Hyundai Heavy Industry Group of Korea ranks 209th, and China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd. ranks 278th

it is understood that the Fortune Global 500 has always been the most famous and authoritative list to measure the strength of large global companies, known as the "ultimate list". This year, the entry threshold of the world's top 500 companies has been raised by 500million US dollars to reach 23. Our strategy is: 700million US dollars in the target market with strict requirements on product specifications and performance; The total revenue increased by 2.5% over the previous year, reaching US $31 trillion; The profitability increased significantly, and the total profit increased by 27% to nearly $2trillion

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