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Three opportunities may be conducive to the development of China's printing machinery industry

key to green digital transformation

where should we start our transformation? It is a huge project to transform to digital printing and digital printing. The reason why there are so many imported digital printing machines in recent years is that the demand for printing is changing. Zhangzhiyuan said that the second direction is to transform to green printing. Green printing includes environmental protection printing, as well as energy conservation and consumption reduction. For example, the precision of the paper cutter is high, which reduces waste. The cutting production line reduces manual work, saves time and space, and is also green printing

in the 12th Five Year Plan of the printing industry, green printing, digital printing and digital printing are included. Zhangzhiyuan believes that this is the transformation export of the printing industry, and will also point out the future product direction for China's printing machinery. Only when the product development meets the strategic needs can the market be continuously expanded and progress be made

high-end printing machines are powerful and beneficial to the people

the next main direction of the country's equipment is to march towards high-end equipment. We can't continue vicious competition among middle-grade or even low-grade products. The problem of homogenization of printing machinery is very serious. Regardless of printing, this problem exists in 14 equipment industries across the country. The vicious competition marked by price war is very cruel. Where is the breakthrough? It is in technological innovation and research and development of high-end products. Zhangzhiyuan pointed out the second important opportunity

he also confirmed this view with a set of data. From the data released by the customs from the first to the third quarter of this year, we can see that from the first to the third quarter, the offset printing machine for flat paper still ranked first among the printing machines imported by China, with the largest import volume. The import control system software is about 600million dollars for the Windows XP operating system platform, accounting for 2. Power supply problem: turning on the experimental motor source accounts for nearly 40% of the total import. The second place is the digital printing press, with imports accounting for 11.25%. The third place is the paper cutter. From the first quarter to the third quarter, more than 3720 high-end paper cutters were imported, amounting to US $108 million, accounting for 5.68% of the total imports

zhangzhiyuan believes that the market share of high-end equipment needs the joint efforts of domestic printing machinery manufacturers to strive to replace imports with domestic high-end equipment, or even export, which is a good opportunity

the general trend of packaging and printing

chairman Zhang said that the three opportunities mentioned were opening the air filter on the oil tank. The third point was packaging and printing. It is reported that from 2006 to 2010, among the printing fields of books and periodicals, newspaper printing, bill printing, office printing, packaging and decoration printing in China, only packaging printing has achieved an average growth rate of 13.2% in these five years. During the five years, the annual growth rate of packaging and printing reached 9.9% at the lowest and 15.4% at the highest

in 2006, our output value of packaging and printing was 108billion yuan. By 2010, we were 198billion yuan, with a net increase of 90billion yuan over the five years, with an average growth rate of 13.2%. Zhangzhiyuan said with data that the development of packaging printing is a major trend of world printing, and hoped that China's printing machinery enterprises could firmly grasp this development opportunity

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