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In the past, people used poetry to express love, but later people only said lingering love words. In the era of fast culture, even love talk has become routine. The true feeling of flowing water, without noise and disturbance, gently warms people's hearts

I don't know if you have such an experience: one day you get up early, before dawn, and your family is still asleep. When you are trying to open the sliding door, you are nervous and calm. Lift up your breath and breathe deeply, for fear that the next action will disturb your family who is still asleep. The opening and closing of the sliding door is a small action, but it affects our daily life. No matter how creepy the natural sound is, it will still be detected and wake up a sweet dream

Xiou doors and windows is close to users with sincere service and listens to those hidden voices. In the design of sliding door, a lot of thoughts have been put into it, and various means have been taken to solve the noise interference

Theo sliding door

first, using automotive grade ultra clear glass, multi-layer protection can effectively reduce the acoustic resonance effect, block the indoor and outdoor heat and noise transmission, weaken the noise invasion through the layers of glass, effectively block 50%-70% of the noise transmission, and keep the indoor space quiet and comfortable

second, the molecular sieve + butyl rubber + two-component triple seal is adopted, and the three-way sealing structure is stepped to reduce noise layer by layer, so as to ensure the omni-directional sealing without leakage, so that the sliding door can better play the effect of sealing and sound insulation

III. equipped with high-strength 304 silent stainless steel track and silent pulley, the push-pull mute is smooth

IV. the embedded structure design has an effective sound insulation and noise reduction effect when the sliding door is closed


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