New standard household E0 grade log particle board

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The harm of formaldehyde has been known to all, and all kinds of panel furniture products are the source of formaldehyde pollution at home. How to eliminate formaldehyde pollution at home and give consumers a healthy and reassuring home life is a problem that Xinbiao home has been thinking about and trying to solve

with the improvement of the requirements for the family living environment, the overall wardrobe can be customized and matched independently, which makes the overall wardrobe approved by more and more owners, and they have listed the overall wardrobe as the preferred product for family decoration. The product line of the overall wardrobe not only includes customized wardrobe, but also includes a series of panel furniture products such as bedside cabinet, dressing table, bed, bookcase, wine cabinet, porch cabinet, TV cabinet, shoe cabinet, etc., so it has also become the most important project in home decoration. Its environmental protection is directly related to the health and safety of the whole family

the harm of formaldehyde is well known, and all kinds of panel furniture products are the source of household formaldehyde pollution. How to eliminate household formaldehyde pollution and give consumers a healthy and reassuring home life is a problem that new standard home has been thinking about and trying to solve

the new standard household has upgraded the whole wardrobe project, and the environmental protection upgrade directly hit the highest European standard. After a series of tests, it shows that the formaldehyde emission of the new standard log particle board without edge banding is 0.3-0.5mg/l (E0 ≤ 0.5mg/l), which has reached and exceeded the European standard of the highest environmental protection grade E0

why can the new standard household wardrobe reach this stringent environmental protection level? Xiaobian visited the wardrobe Project Department of Xinbiao home, unveiling the mystery of Xinbiao home environmental protection board for everyone

according to the person in charge of the new standard household wardrobe project department, panel furniture is mainly composed of base plate, facing paper, edge bonding glue and hardware. The key to formaldehyde production is base plate and facing paper

base plate and decorative paper

base plate is the foundation of the cabinet. Its production line technology and the addition of adhesives in the production process have very strict standards. Many low-cost base plates are made with adhesives with high formaldehyde content, so the formaldehyde content of the produced base plate will inevitably exceed the standard; The base material board selected by Xinbiao household is the most environmentally friendly base material board in China. It adopts German advanced production lines and technologies, takes fresh logs as raw materials, uses the world's leading shaving technology to process shavings, and then through more than 30 rigorous and scientific processes such as drying, screening, bonding, waterproof treatment, etc

another important component of the board is the decorative paper, which determines the pattern, color and wear resistance of the board. Some low-cost boards will also make an issue from the decorative paper, and the pattern will change color and be easy to scratch soon after use; The decorative paper used in the new standard household wardrobe is one of the top ten brands of decorative paper. The whole line adopts the decorative paper developed by German production technology, which has high wear resistance and is more environmentally friendly. It finally becomes decorative paper after layer by layer impregnation and drying. The environmental protection grade has reached the highest level in Europe

new standard home Jianou wine cabinet

the person in charge of the new standard home wardrobe project emphatically introduced the edge banding process of the wardrobe to the editor. As an important part of the wardrobe board, the edge banding separates the substrate board from the outside air, blocks the exchange between the board and the air, and isolates the water vapor in the air, ensuring that the board is not affected by moisture and expansion deformation; On the other side, part of the free formaldehyde in the base plate is completely sealed in the plate, so that it cannot be released into the outside air; Even E0 grade boards can release a small amount of free formaldehyde. The new standard household wardrobe production line is a fully automatic Haomai digital production line imported from Germany. The precise edge banding equipment makes the edge banding glue closely fit the wardrobe board without leaving a gap. All free formaldehyde is directly sealed in the board, so that the aldehyde cannot escape

Xinbiao household wardrobe adheres to the requirements of "high standards, refinement and zero defects" to ensure products. Environmental protection has always been the most concerned project of consumers, and it is also one of the hot topics in the household building materials industry. As one of the leading brands in the industry, Xinbiao sets an example, takes the lead in shouldering the important task of environmental protection, solves environmental protection problems from the source, based on the largest consumption of boards in the home, and comprehensively Snipes at all non environmental factors, Create a healthy and environmentally friendly home life for consumers; New standard household E0 grade log particle board allows more families to use reassuring household products and enjoy an environmentally friendly formaldehyde free life





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