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What we often say about the investment promotion of sunshine house is: get on the horse and get a free ride; The help system here is the content of "giving a ride". In addition to considering brands, commodities and initial investment, potential dealers are more worried about the livelihood and profitability of sunshine house after investment promotion and alliance. For most dealers, this is the beginning of their entrepreneurship and expansion. Therefore, sunshine house investment promotion staff must give them determination and expectation to eliminate their worries

when designing the investment promotion policy of sunshine house, the leaders should list these assistance policies one by one to form a strong assistance system, so that they feel that they are not alone in the front-end impact, but have a strong supply system supporting themselves on the opposite side. For example, Guanhao doors and windows has eight supporting policies in the investment promotion policy of sunshine house, including new employee induction training, old employee selection training, four holiday sports programs and promotional commodity support, opening support, etc. These policies have been spoken out by the investment promotion staff of sunshine house, which has greatly increased the determination of potential dealers. Many dealers are running a strong backstage to help sunshine house attract investment, so they will feel more determined

there is its own implementation system

potential dealers sunshine house attract investment to join a company or brand, generally favoring three aspects, brand, commodity and implementation tips, two of which are related to the implementation system. A good brand is promoted. Even a small brand needs a series of packaging, which will be enhanced later; Brand promotion itself is part of the implementation tips, only in different ways; Some sunshine housing companies say that I don't have much working capital, and I can't afford to implement it. I don't have a plan to implement it in millions a year. It doesn't matter. We can use the network, do event implementation, and plan a small and broad implementation form. In general, potential dealers should be able to see our brand information and sunshine room investment information, or simply guide them to see it. You should know that these potential dealers will have a preliminary understanding before they want to attract investment and join a brand. Some are investigated in local shopping malls, some are investigated in surrounding shopping malls, and more are inquired on the Internet, so the network implementation should be done more, and the free charges should be combined. In addition to network promotion, various exhibitions and magazines are also good choices

there are large production plants, that is, the hardware equipment is better.

large plants, beautiful exhibition halls and excellent hardware equipment are available but not required, which depends on the actual situation of sunshine house company. These conditions can play an excellent role in promoting the investment of sunshine house. This is the performance of strength. Bringing potential dealers here for field investigation is better than our thousands of words. Without these advantages, we need to be small and vigorous, give people the impression of professionalism, prudence, vitality and prosperity, and even use words to discuss our grand blueprint, compensate for the lack, and convey our determination





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