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Located next to Changqing No. 1 middle school on Jinyintan Avenue, it is about 10 minutes' walk away from Jinyintan subway station of Metro Line 2. With the help of subway and urban trunk roads, it can seamlessly connect the prosperous life of Xudong business district and Wuguang business district, and is another benchmark market in Jinyintan area. The editor of Wuhan home decoration network learned that the house in area B of wish view city is about to be delivered. Today, he sorted out several sets of decoration renderings of wish view city for your reference

household type: two bedrooms and two halls

decoration style: childlike style

decoration method: all inclusive

Design Description: the designer renders a warm and lovely feeling through soft light color matching

household type: two bedrooms and two halls

decoration style: mix and match style

decoration method: all inclusive

design Description: the main color of the overall home space is oil mixed matte white, Match with wood colored furniture and American pattern wallpaper or paint, and match different patterns and colors according to different spaces. The soothing lines and bright colors make the feeling of home warmer and softer. The composite style of cloth art, decorative oil painting, and lamps are set off from the side, creating a relaxed and casual living atmosphere

household type: two rooms and one living room

decoration style: Modern and simple

decoration method: half bag

Style Description: there is no need for cumbersome decoration and too much furniture, and the overall coordination of space and furniture is maximized in decoration and layout. Geometric structure is often used in modeling, which is the modern minimalist fashion style

which is the best decoration style? Xiaobian believes that everyone has their own evaluation criteria. Finally, if you have a decoration plan recently, you can enter the decoration bidding page of Wuhan home decoration network to provide you with free door-to-door room measurement service, formulate a plan quotation, and have a reduction or exemption of some decoration funds. See the activity page for details。





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