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In the past two years, in order to understand the market of steel and wood doors, I have traveled through hundreds of building materials and decoration markets across the country and met more than 2000 dealer friends. Therefore, I have a little insight into the development trend of the steel and wood door market

in the past two years, in order to understand the market of steel and wood doors, I have traveled hundreds of building materials and decoration markets across the country and met more than 2000 dealer friends. Therefore, I have a little insight into the development trend of the steel and wood door market

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this stage is a revolutionary stage of steel and wood doors. Although solid wood composite doors and PVC blister doors in the indoor door industry are seizing a large number of steel and wood door markets, the demand for steel and wood door markets will increase significantly in the next three to five years. Country garden, red and green dragonfly and many other real estate companies have determined to use steel and wood doors in large quantities, which will drive the development of the entire market to a new peak

and the steel wood door covered with plastic steel will be more recognized by consumers than the painted steel wood door. Although the price of the painted steel wood door is more suitable for consumers, the mature technology and good and thick steel plate of the plastic steel wood door are far more than the painted steel wood door

what is the difference between the two

plastic coated steel wooden doors need to introduce advanced production equipment, unique technology and exquisite technology. Plastic coated steel plates are degreased, derusted, phosphated by chemicals, and then treated with antirust paint. Dozens of tons of pressure molded door plates with different patterns have a strong three-dimensional sense. Because of the need for molding, the quality requirements of steel plates are very high, and sufficient materials are required. 0.6cm plates (the actual plate thickness is about 0.57cm) are used. The steel plates are cold-rolled plates, otherwise there will be pressing through and bursting. PVC is shaped like natural wood grain after re molding, with clear grain, lifelike appearance, smooth and delicate feel, firm and durable products, and more elegant and domineering solid wood doors

the door leaf of transfer printing spraying (baking paint) does not need dozens of tons of pressure molding. It uses 0.4cm material or 0.5cm material, and some are less than 0.4cm. It looks very thick after painting, and it does not need to be PVC blistered. The paint will fade and fall off if it is used for a little longer, but in the early stage, it has a new color and luster than the plastic steel covered wooden door. Painted steel and wood doors are mostly rolled plates. Hot rolled plates are manually cleaned after cutting steel plates. If they are not cleaned thoroughly, the paint is easy to fall off

structure of steel wood door leaf

molded steel plate (divided into 0.6cm thick plastic coating and 0.4cm thick paint baking board) + wood square (also known as inner reinforcement: with fir finger joint and other materials) + honeycomb paper (sound insulation effect). Aitian steel wooden door pays attention to quality, self-made plastic coated steel plate, paint free, environmental protection and health; The honeycomb paper in the middle of the door leaf adopts 15mm small aperture, thick paper core (weighing 1.1 kg/piece), bonded steel plate, fir finger joint, and honeycomb paper is a green and environmental friendly foaming glue, which does not contain formaldehyde, so the product is firm and does not deform, and the effect of sound insulation and heat insulation is good. The door leaf steel plate is uniquely bent up, down, left and right, and the anti prying and anti cracking performance of the door leaf is enhanced by more than five times. There are hundreds of manufacturers of large and small steel and wood doors in the country. Only a few manufacturers adopt the process of two bends on the left and right, while others adopt the process of one bend on the top and bottom. The four sides of the door leaf edge banding are steel plate edge banding, and there are only a few manufacturers of this process; There are more than 50 kinds of door fan flower types, which are rich and complete

door frame process technology

many manufacturers' door frames are manually covered with PVC film, which is relatively low cost, but it is prone to many technical problems, such as unclean air discharge in the time and space of lamination, and many small bubbles appear after a period of time, affecting the appearance and service life. Now the more beautiful and practical door frames are ABS door frames and steel frames. ABS door frame and steel frame are glued to ABS panel and steel plate panel with PVC glue and all-purpose glue on the door frame plate, and molded with dozens of tons of press. The surface is not only smooth, but also waterproof, moisture-proof, insect proof and mildew proof. However, the cost of ABS frame is 15-20 yuan/set higher than that of PVC frame

it is worth reminding that the PVC coated door frame is easier to be scratched and bruised by sharp objects than the ABS door frame. There is a waterproof film on the back of the aitian door frame, which is not easy to deform in the humid environment in the south. However, at present, many manufacturers are making hollow frames, and even use MDF to make door frames, with a thickness of about 20mm. Some also make ABS frames, but do not fold edges to make general frames, which will affect the beauty and service life of the whole door. The material of the door frame determines the overall quality and brand of the steel and wood door

the door-to-door threading in the market generally includes solid wood lines, wood plastic lines and polymer lines. Aitian steel wooden doors focus on using wood plastic threading that is insect proof, waterproof, termite proof, flame retardant, environmental friendly, radiation free, odorless, nailable, sawable, planed, nailless, beautiful and easy to install

now, solid core steel wood doors and luxury steel wood doors are derived from steel wood doors, but at present, the process and materials are not very mature, because the middle of solid core steel wood doors is chipboard, the middle of luxury steel wood doors is MDF PVC, and the effect of chipboard and MDF PVC is known to those who have a little understanding of the installation and repair of building materials. Steel and wood doors have developed into steel frames, and there are also newly emerged aluminum door frames; Door leaf steel plate also has powder sprayed three-dimensional hand feel wood grain steel plate, plastic coated stainless steel plate, and aluminum plate is also used to replace steel plate. The industry is developing. I know that I am only an apprentice on the road of door industry development. Some of the contents I write may be questioned, but I am still willing to work with you to promote the development of steel and wood doors





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