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I talked a lot about soft clothes and color matching. Many people reported back in the background that they didn't know how to do with the furnishings at home? Now let's have a look with the poetry and painting Jiangnan wall cloth

talked a lot about soft clothes and color matching. Many people reported backstage that they didn't know how to do with the furnishings at home? The furniture wallpaper is done, which feels very beautiful, but when you put in small pieces, it looks messy and doesn't match as a whole. This may be caused by not being familiar with some "routines" on the scene; It may also be because there is no main line in the early preparation, which is too scattered, resulting in the extension of the whole decoration cycle and affecting the effect

first, ornaments are full

many people should be like Xiaobian. Before they have experienced it, they all feel that ornaments are not important. When the main body is completed, they can slowly add them. The result is that when it comes to adding, the more you add, the more wrong it becomes. In fact, the volume of ornaments is small. Ornaments used for ornaments (often ignored), as well as ornaments that need to be deployed and added on site, should be prepared in a quantity more than about 20% of the list in the preparation stage

for example, the exquisite and small photo frames, sculptures, potted plants, etc. in the bookcase, and even the simulation books and books commonly used in the furnishings of the model room, these items need to be prepared in advance

because in the specific display process, we don't know whether there is a certain error between the drawing and the site, or when making the assembly list in advance, we don't know whether all the items on the assembly list can really achieve the expected effect after they are placed on the site. Therefore, when more goods are prepared for on-site display, they can be deployed at will, so as to finally achieve a relatively ideal display effect

second, regular placement

Xiaobian has always believed that "order" can best reflect the home atmosphere of a home. Size, color, style... All need careful design and display. In fact, it's the same as sticking wall coverings. Looking at the beautiful renderings, I always feel dissatisfied in reality. For example, display according to the principle of the same color system, from deep to shallow, or according to the principle of soft and hard

in fact, the display of clothes in home space can refer to the principles of commodity display in commercial space. For example, among the clothes we usually buy, we will have different colors such as white, beige, gray, black and so on. Although the styles of clothes may not be the same, all clothes can be arranged in the wardrobe according to the color system, giving people a color gradient effect. Of course, it can also be placed in a step-by-step manner according to the length of clothes, which will make the interior of the whole cabinet look more tidy and orderly, and also achieve a good display effect

third, the principle of symmetry

in the classical style, try to follow the principle of symmetry. For example, European classical style and Chinese style are more in pursuit of the principle of symmetry, so in the space design and furnishings of these styles, using the principle of symmetry to place can highlight the ritual sense of the overall space, which is more solemn. If there is a central axis in the classical style space, most of them are displayed according to the principle of left-right symmetry

IV. interesting theme

when displaying some special functional spaces, you can add some interesting and situational display methods to make the space more artistic and life. For example, a space used by children (children's room) is often themed (exploration, sports, painting, etc.). In most cases, the space theme will be created through the wall, element patterns or children's favorite toy models. But the basic furniture in the space also needs to be configured (children's bed, display cabinet, wardrobe, etc.)

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