It's easy to save money when decorating

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It is said that budget planning should be done well in the early stage of decoration, so as to avoid the phenomenon of "overspending while installing" in the later stage, which is indeed the case. For some decoration Xiaobai, they have never been in touch with decoration, and they don't know the market, so it's difficult to see their ways clearly, and it's unnecessary to talk about saving money. Today, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will teach you a few tricks to see how to really save money. Want to know? Come and see

first, don't move too much space

in the decoration, generally speaking, it is taboo to move the room, especially the bathroom and kitchen, which will increase the cost of hydropower projects, and if the displacement of drainage pipelines is not in place, it is easy to cause problems such as water leakage

second, don't extrapolate the balcony

don't extrapolate the balcony. Although only one wall is broken down, the subsequent additional projects are not simple, such as aluminum windows, waterproof, etc., and the cost will naturally increase

third, don't touch labor costs

generally speaking, in the whole decoration process, materials actually account for only 30%, the salaries of various decoration masters account for 60%, and the design fees of designers account for 10%. Therefore, as long as there is more labor, it will definitely cost more money




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