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It is the most romantic thing in life to combine beauty with delicious food and feel the fragrance of birds and flowers when eating. Open up such a space in the garden, decorate and design a small restaurant in it, and enjoy warmth and romance with your family. Next is the decoration effect pictures of several super beautiful outdoor restaurants introduced by the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network

take a piece of green in the garden as the background wall design, so that you can feel the natural atmosphere during dining. The construction of stone walls gives people a simple rural atmosphere. The white strip dining table is equipped with white dining chairs, and the white cushions and rose red cushions on the exquisite dining chairs bring an elegant style to people. The simple and exquisite carving is just right, revealing a faint pastoral atmosphere

the whole lush environment makes people feel refreshed immediately. We can see that the design of this garden restaurant is very spacious, with lush green everywhere. Decorate and design the restaurant in this garden, surrounded by thick green, and enjoy the fragrance of nature. The wooden dining chair is integrated with nature, and the bench beside it can be used as a leisure area. The small cushion with white dots brings people comfortable enjoyment of life

although the family's garden is not large, it can also enjoy beautiful scenery. As in this case, open up a space in the corner of the garden, put a small square table and two small stools, and then design a long corner stool with blue cushions, which is very practical for dining and leisure. Simple desktop with their favorite bouquets can cultivate their leisure. The candy colored cushion is also very bright




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