Affected by the US economic recession, the price o

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Affected by the economic recession in the United States, China's waste price has fallen by more than half

recently, the recycling price of waste paper and waste newspapers has fallen rapidly. The recycling price of waste paper has fallen from about 0.70 yuan/kg to 0.30 yuan/kg. At the same time, the recycling price of waste newspapers from 1.30-1.40 yuan/kg has suddenly dropped to 0.70 yuan/kg recently! Why did the recycling price of waste paper and newspaper drop so much

the recycling price of waste paper and newspaper has been cut back, which is directly related to the economic recession in the United States. The economic recession in the United States has brought about a chain reaction in developed countries. Since last year, the prices of various means of production, including wood pulp, the basic raw material of light industry, have fallen sharply in the international market, down 40% to 50%. The CIF price of imported wood pulp in China has fallen from 7400 yuan per ton last year to 3800 yuan in the same period this year. The economic recession in the United States and other developed countries has caused the demand market of paper industry in these countries to shrink. On the other hand, due to the further reduction of China's paper tariffs, since the end of last year, a large number of finished paper from the United States and South Korea have poured into the Chinese market, especially the bulk product of paper products - gray bottom whiteboard for packaging, which has had an impact on domestic paper mills, overstocked raw materials and insufficient operation, thus lowering the recycling price of paper raw materials - waste paper and waste newspapers

the United States is not only a big exporter of finished paper, but also a big exporter of waste newspapers. The export of waste newspapers in the United States is mainly oriented to the Chinese market. Since last year, the export price of waste newspapers in the United States has also fallen sharply. Taking the more representative No. 8 waste newspaper as an example, the CIF price last year was US $150 per ton, which has fallen to US $90 in the same period this year. The waste newspaper in the United States has good raw materials and high purity, without mixing bricks and water. In the past, domestic papermaking enterprises imported a large number of waste paper and waste newspapers. This city adopted appropriate machinery and equipment, and the total amount of waste paper and waste newspapers imported every year is more than 300000 tons. Now, the price of imported waste newspapers is even lower than that of domestic waste paper (at present, the raw material price of domestic No. 8 waste newspaper is 1100 yuan per ton), Of course, domestic enterprises prefer to use imported waste newspapers, which also lowers the recycling price of domestic waste newspapers

insiders pointed out that the continuous decline in the prices of wood pulp, imported waste paper, waste newspapers and finished paper in the international market is very unfavorable to the domestic paper industry facing the challenge of WTO. China's tariff on finished paper is more than 10%, which protects the backward and low-level paper industry in China to some extent. However, there is a serious imbalance in the current paper industry - insufficient supply of high-grade paper, large backlog of low-grade products, excess measurement technology for producing injection boxes and adopting newly developed mixing heads. If we do not improve the technical content as soon as possible and find a breakthrough in small and characteristic varieties, In the future, "foreign paper" with high quality and low price will further flood in. In the short term, there is no room for the recovery price of waste paper and newspaper. If this price lever is missing in promoting the classified collection of garbage and the recycling of resources in the city, the citizens' consciousness of protecting the environment will become more important

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